Directors: Bruce Odams  

Screenwriter:  Bruce Odams

Genre:  Action


Broken Trust is a an action packed drama and adventure film that follows the high octane adventures of Bruce, a former special forces black ops agent and trained assassin. Bruce has recently retired and settled in to normal life. He’s got new friends and has settled in to a totally ordinary lifestyle. Bruce is completely comfortable in the new life the government has given him (for his protection of course).


Bruce’s new world is flipped upside down when someone who considered a dear friend, is not who he appears to be. He knows all about Bruce’s explosive past and wants him to carry out a mission or risk the safety of everyone he cares about. Now, Bruce must leave the comfortable life he’s grown to love and resort back to his past experiences to end his former friend’s deadly plan.


With everyone Bruce cares about caught in middle, how far will Bruce go to save the one he loves?


Directors:  Bruce Odams

Screenwriter:  Bruce Odams

Genre:  Family


Antonio is an up and coming party promoter who is trying to get his big break as a concert promoter by throwing a lot of parties. Antonio thinks that if he throws enough successful parties, he will be able to get his start as the next big concert promoter. Antonio finds himself in a jam. How are you going to throw a really big concert with no cash? Well the drama starts, Antonio finds out who his friends really are.


Directors:  Bruce Odams

Screenwriter:  Bruce Odams

Genre:  Horror, Comedy


A notorious drug cartel ventures off into the wilderness for a weekend of fun and partying. Little did they know that their demons from the past will come back and haunt them? Members of the cartel are dying off one by one by someone or something on their weekend getaway. The night grows darker and the screams grow louder. Who and will anyone make it out alive, and at what cost?

Directors:  Bruce Odams

Screenwriter:  James Tanner

Genre:  Action​


Get ready for the rise and fall of DC’s most notorious king pin. Convinced that drug dealing is the easiest way to get paid; Raymond Edwards III collaborated with his father in operating a drug empire from his grandmother’s basement. Though Raymond formed the biggest drug operation that ever hit the Washington DC area, he later learned that he was only living a Temporary Dream.


Directors:  Bruce Odams

Screenwriter:  Bruce Odams

Genre:  Documentary


Documentary about the many reason behind individuals getting tattoos in the DMV area, hear it from those behind the ink.